5 Tips For Clear Skin

5 Tips For Clear Skin

Remove Makeup Before Bed

Every night wash your face with a cleanser. I would recommend a spinning brush to exfoliate your skin and get rid of makeup. When you sleep with makeup on, it can cause damage to your skin. As we sleep, our skin renews itself and when we sleep with makeup, it prevents the process. Most makeup is oil-based when left on the skin overnight can clog your pores. This increases the appearance of acne and breakouts.

Exfoliate Daily

Ever since I started exfoliating my skin twice a week, I've noticed an improvement in my complexion. There are different types of exfoliates, chemical, scrub, and brush. My favorite way to exfoliate is by using a spin brush. There are so many benefits of exfoliating daily such as unclogging pores and preventing acne. Exfoliating regularly improves skin tone and speeds up skin renewal.

Drink Lots of Water

Health authorities recommend the average adult drinks 2 liters of water a day. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it's made from water. Without water, your skin can't function at its best. If your skin doesn't get enough water, it becomes dry and flaky, this increases the process of aging. The benefits of staying hydrated include improved complexion, slow aging, and tighter skin.


A diet high in processed foods like sugar and carbs can harm the skin. Remove unhealthy eating habits by switching to a plant-based diet. Foods like salmon, avocado, and sweet potato full of vitamins that brighten your skin, and protect it from sun damage.

Wash Makeup Brushes

Always wash your makeup brushes regularly with brush cleanser or baby shampoo. These tools can accumulate bacterias that lead to breakouts and acne. Always apply your makeup with clean brushes.

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