Why I Stopped Chasing Love And Starting Following My Dreams

Why I Stopped Chasing Love And Starting Following My Dreams

We all want to meet our soul mate and fall in love, but sometimes we rush the process. It's hard sometimes, scrolling on Instagram and seeing cute couples taking romantic pictures while traveling the world. It makes you feel single, you start feeling so unworthy. Like why can't I have that? Why am I always single?. It gets difficult sometimes, always being a single girl. I'm 25 years old and at this age, I feel like everyone is getting married. I log on Facebook and I see my old high school friends settling down and having kids. Sometimes it makes me feel lonely. During the year of 2019, all I did was chase men. I craved the fairy tale ending, to the point where I settled for less. I wanted the perfect Instagram relationship. 

In the year 2019, instead of chasing my goals or dreams, I chased men to escape my depression. The year 2020 has arrived, and I do not want to make the same mistakes. Instead of chasing men and fake friends, I’m going to choose myself. I want to become the girl of my dreams, travel the world. Find the right career for me. I don't want my happiness to depend on someone else, because most people are temporary. I need to depend on myself because I’m all I have. My goal for 2020 is to become a confident woman, who’s too busy catching flights than feelings. 

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