Lessons I've Learned From Surviving A Quarter Life-Crisis

Lessons I've Learned From Surviving A Quarter Life-Crisis

We've all heard of a mid-life crisis, but no one talks about a quarter-life crisis, even though more than half of Millennials struggle with this emotional journey.  In the age of social media and technology, it's so easy to compare yourself to others. Late-night when I'm scrolling on Instagram, I see all of these young and successful people who have their lives sorted out. It seems like everyone on Instagram owns luxury cars, others are buying their first home and some are getting married and having kids. It seems like they’ve reached the pinnacle of success.

Then there's me, I'm almost turning 25 years old and I'm going through a quarter-life crisis. My life isn't horrible, I'm thankful I have an apartment to live in rent-free, I have a decent job and  I'm in school, but I still feel incomplete. I stay up late at night overthinking my life path. For example, is nursing the right field for me? Should I study something different? Why am I not married yet?. I spend hours a day overthinking every step I take, creating a depression.

 It's important to take breaks from social media, I try to do that at least once a week but it's difficult. I'm not going to lie, I am addicted to social media, and it's something that most people don't talk about. I'm turning 25 years old soon, and I want to make the right decision, but sometimes I don't know what the right decision is. Should I stay in school? Should I Dropout of college and move to Hawaii? I don't have all the right answers currently, all I know is that I'm going to follow my heart and do what makes me happy. At the end of the day, life on Earth is temporary. I want to be happy and make good memories because no one can predict the future.

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