He's In A Relationship, But Flirts With Me

He's In A Relationship, But Flirts With Me

Recently I've been attracting a lot of unavailable men. I've been wondering to myself is it because of the way I look like or behave? What is it about me that attracts taken men. An unavailable man is a gentleman who's in a relationship or has a partner but chooses to pursue you. A beautiful woman always gets approached, sometimes by married men who are bored with their current relationship and desire something different. For example, there's a gentleman that I dated a couple of years ago, and currently, he has a girlfriend. For some reason, he's always complimenting me and flirting with me on social media. I often ask myself, if he's happy in his current relationship why is he flirting with me? I realized it's because he wants an ego boost. He knows I have feelings for him, so he strings me along just in case of a breakup when he needs rebound sex.

 I blocked him, I’m either a priority to you or nothing at all. I’m not going to settle for less or be dragged along. Everyone women should have this mindset, never settle for less. Don’t be flatter from receiving a compliment by an unavailable man. If he’s that fascinated by you, he would leave his current relationship, but he chooses to stay with her. I’ve made the mistake of being the other woman because I was insecure and craved attention. Never make this mistake ladies, don’t settle for second best.

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