Daily Morning Routine For an Amazing Start to Your Day

Daily Morning Routine For an Amazing Start to Your Day


When I first wake up in the morning, I love sitting in my bed and writing in my journal. I write down simple things like my dreams, morning thoughts and everything I want to accomplish that day. It's fun looking back at my old writings and seeing how I've changed. It helps me be productive and I've gotten so many new ideas for my business just by writing it down in my journal. It's a great way to keep track of things.


Drinking water when you first wake up in the morning is so important if you want to start your day right. When you wake up, your body is slightly dehydrated. Drinking a cup of water in the morning will, rehydrate your body and jump start your metabolism. I also love adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to help flush toxins out of my body and it helps with digestions too, so that's a bonus.


I love starting my day by working out at the gym. I have a fitness center at my apartment, so it's easier for me to get a quick workout before I leave my house. I've noticed so many health benefits ever since I started working out in the mornings. I feel more energized throughout the day. And I'm more productive. I notice that I sleep better at night, when I had a good workout that morning. And I notice an improvement in my mental health.

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