How To Make Money Online As A Teen | Quick & Easy

How To Make Money Online As A Teen | Quick & Easy

Summer is officially here, and that means spending a lot of time with our friends watching movies and going shopping. Most of those activities require money and when you're a teenager, you can't apply for most jobs because you're underage. So I decided to share with my viewers four ways to make money when you're a teen.

Sell Old Clothes

We all have old clothes that we don't wear. Did you know you could make quick cash by selling old clothes? There's so many places that buy old clothes like Plato's Closet or Buffalo Exchange. There's also online shops like Poshmark, Depop and Tradesy that you can sell used clothes for money. 


Babysitting is the perfect job for a teenager because people are always going to need childcare. What I did when I was younger was ask family friends and neighbors if they needed a babysitter and most of the time they did. There's also websites like Sittercity and Urbansitter where parents post what day and time they need childcare, and if you're available you can apply.

Sell on Etsy or Ebay

If you're creative and love making DIY crafts, what you can do is sell them online on Etsy. Also, if you have old phones and computer, you can sell them online at Ebay or amazon. Look around the house for things you don't need anymore like books, headphones, shoes or cameras and sell them on amazon or Ebay for money.


When I was younger, I never had a job. What I did was I cleaned my room, washed all the dishes and when I was done. I would ask my parents money to buy new shoes. And most of the time they said yes, because they could see I put in work and that I wasn't lazy. You could also ask neighbors if they need help with anything like cleaning the garage or washing their car. And you'll clean and help them for an exchange of money.

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