How To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Stress Naturally | Adashofvanilla

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Stress Naturally | Adashofvanilla

We all have days when we're full of anxiety and stress. Life isn't perfect, things could be going great and then suddenly something happens and you feel out of balance. As someone who deals with anxiety, I've discovers quick and easy ways to calm my stress levels when needed.


Whenever I'm stressed out and I can't stop over thinking, I stop everything I'm doing and take a quick cold shower. When I first jump in and turn the cold water on, I feel the ice water on my skin and there's a shock to my system. I can't think of anything but how cold the water is, but it takes strong will power and discipline to continue. After I'm done, I suddenly feel a huge relief like I've done something wild like swimming in an ocean full of sharks. I notice that I'm full of endorphins, I feel alive and I'm more alert. I find that taking a cold shower is a quick and cheap to shift my mood when I'm stressed out. Throughout the day I feel a sense of calmness and that I can overcome anything.

528 HZ Music

Everything in life is vibration. When you're stressed out and full of anxiety, you're in a low vibrational frequency. A great way to change your vibration is by listening to music. When I'm stressed out I love listening to 528 HZ or 432 HZ frequency music and meditate. The universe vibrates in 528 HZ frequency and that is also the same frequency as love. 528 HZ frequency has said to be so powerful it can heal and repair damage DNA, and bring peace and harmony to everything around it.


Sometimes the best thing to do when you're dealing with anxiety is to get down to the root and fix the problem. I'm an overthinker and sometimes my mind focuses on all the negative, like what could go wrong. The best way I found to get rid of anxiety is to face the fear and reward myself after. For an example, if I have a job interview and I start over thinking about how I'm never going to get the job, and I'm not qualified. I force myself to attend the interview and reward myself afterward with a new bag or chocolate. It makes facing the fear a lot more easy.

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