7 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil | Life Hack

7 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil | Life Hack

I love coconut oil, I use it for everything. I cook with it, use it as a skin moisturizer and I brush my teeth with it. There's so many uses of coconut oil with many health benefits. Today I'm going to share with you my favorite uses for coconut oil and how valuable it can be in your daily life.

Moisturize Your Skin

Coconut oil is great for skin because it's natural and free from harsh chemicals. It has SPF 4, which can protect you from sunburn and wrinkles. After taking a shower, I love rubbing some on my hands and applying it to my skin. When I wake up, my skin feels soft and fresh. It also works great as a lip balm.

Use as Toothpaste

I try to avoid commercial toothpaste because of fluoride and chemicals. A quick DIY toothpaste is mixing coconut oil with baking soda. It's great for whiting teeth and removing bad breath from bacteria in your mouth.

Hair Treatment

I notice a huge difference after I started applying coconut oil on my hair every day before I sleep. My hair grows faster, and there is less damage from brushing and styling. After washing my hair, I brush it and apply coconut oil and leave it overnight. The next morning my hair is shiny and more manageable.

Weight Loss

Eating a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil a day helps with weight loss because it reduces hunger by making you feel fuller all day long, helping you eat less.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is the perfect natural makeup remover. After a long day, remove makeup by applying some on a cotton ball and wipe around your skin until it's clean.

Use as Deodorant

Coconut oil is an antibacterial and contains lauric acid which kills odor caused by bacteria. After a shower, apply some under your armpit and you'll stay smelling fresh all day long.

Brain Health

Coconut oil is great for your brain because it has a lot of healthy fat, which is amazing for your brain function. Eating a spoonful of coconut oil daily can help with depression, anxiety and memory loss.

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