My Christmas Wishlist | Holiday Gift Guide

My Christmas Wishlist | Holiday Gift Guide

I love the holiday season. Something about that time of the year brings people together. My favorite holiday would definitely be thanksgiving, so many delicious meals to eat and spending time with loved ones are few reasons why it's my favorite. Christmas is approaching soon, and a lot of people are going to be going gift shopping for family members, friends, and significant others. So I decided to film a video on holiday gift guide and wish list to help anyone that's looking for gift ideas. Also don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel, the links below.

Christmas Wishlist

1. Adidas stan smith sneakers

2. Macbook pro-2016

3. Scented candles

4. Canon G7x

5 Ugg boots

6. Gift cards

7. Perfume

8. Workout clothes

9. Chocolate

10. Headphones


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  1. Guess one can never have enough scented candles :-D have a great holiday time!


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